Friday, March 13, 2009

A new habit

I have started writing a book. I know what you're thinking,"Yeah, how long 12 pages?" Well I have decided to shoot for a novel. Yes thats right. A novel. The title and inspiration came from a picture of a snowflake, actually and from two writers that have recently visited WISS.
Title: Crystal Hunters
Main Idea: Murderer tries to kill family. Boy is part demon. Boy survives and escapes. Is found by the Crystal Hunters. Crystal Hunters Take him and train him. Boy finds out about the ancient race, the Demonists. He finds out hes part demon. Go's back in time and learns more from the real Demonists. Comes back and brings them out from hiding. The world attacks the demonists. Boy's demon is released again during the battle. Declares the war over.

I've only writen about 1 page but I think it has true pottential.



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